Our pharmaceutical network is unrivaled in its size and efficiency, standing strong as the leading sales and distribution matrix in Sri Lanka. All of the country’s pharmacies, private hospitals, supermarkets, and other private and government institutions are included in this network, benefiting from the optimized logistics and personalized service that we offer.

Extending to all part s of the country are our pharmaceutical transport capabilities, with record delivery time and inventory management and distribution with a synergized IT system tailor made for our company . This custom technology equips   both us and our principals with the detailed data needed to state informed and in control of every step of the distribution process.

Our team of sales and marketing representatives – the largest in the industry – is in constant contact with doctors, pharmacist and health care professionals, informing then of the latest developments in medical research and in cutting edge pharmaceuticals. Thus creating and immediate supply and demand dynamic that is rewording both them and our principals.